Secrets Management with AWS Secrets Manager


SnapLogic Secrets Management supports AWS Secrets Manager using:
Both authentication types can be configured for the same Groundplex. The alias parameter passed to in Snap accounts determines which authentication type will be used:
  • For role-based authentication, if you set the alias to DEFAULT_AWS, a custom secrets-config.json file isn't required. However, if you want to restrict use of secrets to a specific SnapLogic project, you need to supply a secrets-config.json file and use the defined aliases in your Snap accounts.
  • For key-based authentication, set the alias parameter to the name a configuration defined in the secrets-config.json file.
  • Only accounts with expression-enabled authentication fields work with Secrets Management. Expression-enabled fields have an expression button, .
  • Restart each Groundplex node after creating or updating the secrets-config.json file.

If a user has access to the secrets, the secrets can be viewed in REST Snap previews and in responses.