Groundplex FAQs


Question: Are you starting the JCC node as an Administrator? Is the C:opt\snaplogic\run\log folder full?

Answer: Temporary files created by the Snaplex service are stored under the user account that started the JCC process. In some cases, if the user account used to start Snaplex is changed or if Snaplex was previously started as an application and is now being started as a service, you might encounter startup errors because the user account is different. In such cases, deleting the following folders can help fix the issue: run\log, run\fs , run\broker54

Question: Is JAVA_HOME set correctly?

Answer: In a Snaplex installation on a Windows machine, you must install the JRE and configure the JRE location in the jcc.bat property. While a Snaplex auto upgrade updates the SnapLogic binaries in the installed Snaplex, the JRE version is not automatically updated. You must manage the JRE version in your self-managed Snaplex. We recommend installing the latest JRE 11 version at Latest Releases | Adoptium. If you run with version 11.0.10 onwards, endpoint connections to TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are disabled by default. We recommend updating the endpoint to support TLS 1.2 or higher for security..

Question: Does the user running the Snaplex be a member of any specific group to see the SnapLogic metrics?

Answer: Yes, the Snaplex user must be a member of the specific group. Add the executing user to the Performance Monitor Users group and restart the service to view CPU usage in Snaplogic.

Question: For Windows-based Groundplex, do we support installing our software in another drive other than C:\?

Answer: Yes, we can install it in another drive. You must change the SL_ROOT variable in jcc.bat to another drive or path. The default path is c:\opt\snaplogic and SL_ROOT=c:\opt\snaplogic