Integration catalog FAQs

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the Integrations catalog?

    An inventory of application and database integrations in the current environment that includes task and pipeline metadata.

  • What problem can the Integrations catalog help me solve?

    It's currently a challenge to manage and understand the purpose of thousands of operational pipelines. The Integrations catalog makes integrations discoverable by exposing their metadata.

  • Why is it named Integrations catalog instead of Task or Pipeline catalog?

    Tasks and pipelines are the SnapLogic artifacts that enable developers to integrate applications, databases, and other data sources. The Integrations catalog captures both task and pipeline metadata. Each row in the Integrations catalog table represents an integration.

  • What type of metadata does the Integrations catalog expose?
    The Integrations catalog exposes three types of metadata:
    • Factual—verifiable attributes directly captured by the Snaplogic Platform such as: task name, pipeline name, task type, owner, schedule, and associated Snap accounts
    • Inferred—attributes implicitly derived using Factual metadata with reasonable assumptions, such as source and destination endpoints
    • Supplemented—custom metadata that you add to the catalog
  • My organization is an Enterprise customer, how do we get the Integrations catalog?

    Contact your CSM.

  • Can we have the Integrations catalog on all of our environments?

    We recommend only enabling the Integrations catalog in production environments.

  • After the Integrations catalog is enabled, how long before it is ready to use?

    The amount of time it will take to populate the Integrations catalog depends on the number of pipelines in the environment. The Integrations catalog page in Monitor displays a notification while the catalog is being populated.

  • Do pipelines in the design stage show up in the Integrations catalog?

    No, only operational pipelines, those with an associated task, display in the catalog

  • Can all users in the environment view the Integrations catalog?

    No. Currently the Integrations catalog is only visible to Environment admins.

  • How can I add supplemental metadata?

    To add supplemental metadata, download the template, modify it, and upload to the catalog. Refer to Download and upload metadata for more information.

  • Where is supplemental metadata stored?

    Metadata is stored in an AWS Neptune Graph database managed by SnapLogic.

  • Are imported supplemental metadata values available for all integrations?

    Yes for all integrations created in Designer.

  • Can I add or edit supplemental metadata directly in the UI?

    Not currently.

  • Can I delete supplemental metadata?