TLS certificates

Clients use TLS Certificate Authority (CA) certificates to validate responses from the SnapLogic Platform. SnapLogic periodically updates certificates for the control plane and Snaplexes managed by SnapLogic. Groundplex nodes have self-signed CA certificates. Groundplex nodes that receive requests from sources other than the control plane should use a load balancer.

If you configure the load balancer with your certificate and it terminates TLS (SSL) connections, you do not have to do anything to configure Groundplex nodes. If you can't configure the certificate and connection termination on the load balancer, you must do one of the following

  • Install your own CA certificate on Groundplexes.
  • Configure HTTP clients to accept all certificates.
  • Download the CA certificate from your SnapLogic environment (Org) and add the certificate to all client trust stores. To download the certificate, go to the details of a Triggered task and click Download the CA certificate for your SnapLogic organization .