Anaplan Action


You can use this Snap to run an action in Anaplan, such as a delete action.

Anaplan Action Snap



Limitations and Known Issues


Snap Views

View Description Examples of Upstream and Downstream Snaps
Input This Snap has at most one document input view. Mapper
Output This Snap has at most one document output view. File Reader

Error handling is a generic way to handle errors without losing data or failing the Snap execution. You can handle the errors that the Snap might encounter when running the pipeline by choosing one of the following options from the When errors occur list under the Views tab. The available options are:

  • Stop Pipeline Execution Stops the current pipeline execution when the Snap encounters an error.
  • Discard Error Data and Continue Ignores the error, discards that record, and continues with the remaining records.
  • Route Error Data to Error View Routes the error data to an error view without stopping the Snap execution.

Learn more about Error handling in Pipelines.

Snap Settings

  • Suggestion icon (): Indicates a list that is dynamically populated based on the configuration.
  • Expression icon (): Indicates whether the value is an expression (if enabled) or a static value (if disabled). Learn more about Using Expressions in SnapLogic.
  • Add icon (): Indicates that you can add fields in the field set.
  • Remove icon (): Indicates that you can remove fields from the field set.
Field / Field set Type Description
Label String Required. Specify a unique name for the Snap. Modify this to be more appropriate, especially if there are more than one of the same Snap in the pipeline.
Workspace String/Expression/Suggestion Required. Specify the workspace that contains the target model.
Note: Workspace ID and Workspace Name can be used interchangeably.

Default value: N/A

Example: slogic

Model String/Expression/Suggestion Required. Specify the model on which you want the Snap to operate.
Note: Model ID and Model Name can be used interchangeably.

Default value: N/A

Example: snap test

Action name String/Expression/Suggestion

Required. Specify the name of the action to run.

Default value: N/A

Example: Delete the Sales - Customer l.csv File

Output handling Dropdown list Required. Select one of the following options to determine how the output should be handled. This setting only applies to import action.
  • AllSuccess: If the import action was successful with no errors/warnings, records are written in the output view. Else, the error messages and details are written to the error view.
  • Mixed: If an error occurs in the import action, the import file is downloaded and compared with the error records. Rows without an error are written to the output view, and rows with an error are written to the error view.
  • Stream errors: If the Action fails, the error documents will be posted to the error view, one error document for each error record, and a task result summary document will be posted to the output view.
  • Data errors/warnings: If you select this option, the Snap classifies your errors into two categories:
    • Errors which display critical and fatal errors.
    • DataErrorsOrWarnings which specifically highlight errors or warnings associated with the data, indicating potential inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the data.
Note: The error document schema in the Stream Errors mode is different from the ones in other modes. Prior to 4.6.0 release, this property did not exists and its equivalent default behavior was AllSuccess. Therefore, the pipelines that existed prior to 4.6.0 will automatically be set to Stream Errors and might fail if the downstream Snaps at the error view of this Snap have dependency in the error document schema.

Default value: Stream Errors

Example: Mixed

Retry limit Integer/Expression

Required. Specify the maximum number of connection retry attempts to make in case of a connection failure. If the retry attempts exceed the configured value, the pipeline execution fails and an error message appears.

Default value: 3

Example: 8

Retry interval Integer/Expression

Required. Specify the minimum retry time interval in seconds. Enter the time interval for the Snap to retry a connection request after a failed connection. The time increases exponentially between failures. For example, if the timeout is set to 3 seconds, the first timeout is at 3, the second is at 4.5 and so on.

Default value: 3

Example: 6

HTTP timeout Integer/Expression

Required. Specify the connection timeout value in seconds. In case of a connection failure, the Snap aborts the pipeline execution. For example, if the HTTP timeout is set to 30 seconds, and the Snap fails to establish a connection until 30 seconds, the pipeline logs a timeout exception and aborts execution.

Default value: 60

Example: 30

Snap execution Dropdown list
Select one of the three modes in which the Snap executes. Available options are:
  • Validate & Execute. Performs limited execution of the Snap and generates a data preview during pipeline validation. Subsequently, performs full execution of the Snap (unlimited records) during pipeline runtime.
  • Execute only. Performs full execution of the Snap during pipeline execution without generating preview data.
  • Disabled. Disables the Snap and all Snaps that are downstream from it.

Default value: Execute only

Example: Validate & Execute


Execute Import Action in Anaplan