An overview of Snaplexes (both Cloudplex and Groundplex).


A Snaplex is the data processing engine of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP).

Snaplexes are used in nearly every area of the SnapLogic Platform to perform the following functions:
  • Standard, Resumable, and Ultra Pipelines
  • Triggered Task and Scheduled Tasks
  • SnapLogic APIs and Proxies
  • API Policies in APIM and Tasks in Manager
  • AutoSync integrations

Snaplex Types

Snaplogic supports two types of Snaplexes:
  • Cloudplex. Provisioned and maintained by SnapLogic.
  • Groundplex. Provisioned and maintained by you. A Groundplex can be set up on premises or in the cloud.
Cloudplex Groundplex
Ideal for integrating with cloud applications that do not need to be behind your firewall, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday. Ideal for integrating with cloud applications that must be behind your firewall, such as SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Note: Although Groundplex nodes run on private or virtual private data centers, Groundplex instances are managed remotely by the SnapLogic Platform's Control Plane.
Allows customization beyond what a Cloudplex offers. You manage the resources for the Groundplex node. This enables you to customize both computing resources and network configurations to your specific requirements.
Allows access to endpoints that are not accessible outside your organization's network. You can install a Groundplex on a local machine or any machine on your network with access to data or applications that are either on-premises behind a firewall or in the Cloud.
Data can reside in your own data center, as long as it can be accessed through SnapLogic Pipelines. All Pipelines and associated metadata are stored in the Cloud by SnapLogic. When a Pipeline needs to access data that resides on-premise, the Pipeline can be run with a Snaplex on-premise runtime path.
Allows you to manage the resources and comply with the security requirements in your computing environment.
Use SnapLogic Manager and Dashboard to administer and monitor your Cloudplex.
You can subscribe to Professional Services for assistance with installing and maintaining your Groundplex.

Snaplex Architecture

The Snaplex represents the Data Plane in the SnapLogic ecosystem. A Snaplex comprises:
  • one or more JCC nodes
  • a load balancer
  • a Feedmaster

The following diagram illustrates the data flow in the SnapLogic architecture for both types of Snaplexes and the relationship between the Control Plane and Data Plane.

Diagram showing data flow in the SnapLogic architecture

Note: When you access the SnapLogic feature through the UI or the Public APIs, you are communicating with the Control Plane.

Load Balancing

Depending on the number of active threads, the load-balancing algorithm sends the execution requests to nodes with the lightest loads first. If multiple nodes have similar light loads, the algorithm randomly selects a node among them and sends the execution request to it.


To perform most administrative tasks in a Snaplex, you must be an Org admin.

However, a Snap developer or a Pipeline developer can also set up and maintain non-production Snaplexes for use in development and testing. To be considered a Snap developer or Pipeline developer, the account must be set up with Provision this user as a developer selected.

For a Groundplex, you also need administrator access to your on-premises network.


You can monitor Snaplexes from the SnapLogic Monitoring Dashboard.