Edit a data pipeline

From the SnapLogic® AutoSync dashboard you can edit the following for data pipelines you created or are shared with you:

  • Endpoint credentials
  • The Groundplex to run the integration for on-premises endpoints
  • Synchronization schedules
  • The load type

If you have permission to access the endpoint credentials, you can:

  • Select different credentials.
  • Add new credentials.
  • Change the source tables or destination schema.
Open AutoSync from the Apps and Resources menu on the right side of the header:
Application menu

  1. From the Autosync dashboard, find the pipeline you want to edit and do one of the following:
    • From the card view, click the pen icon.
    • From the list view, select the data pipeline and hover on the right side. Click the pen icon
    • From the data pipeline details panel, click Edit.
    The Edit data pipeline screen opens:

  2. Edit the endpoints or select the Groundplex (only for integrations with an on-premises source or target) or Auto synchronize tab.

    Learn more about:

  3. Click Save.