Manage Snaplexes

Snaplexes are the runtime engines that process data integrations. Snaplogic offers three types of Snaplexes:
  • Cloudplex: Provisioned and maintained by SnapLogic.
  • Groundplex: Provisioned and maintained by you. A Groundplex can be deployed to an on premises network or in a virtual cloud environment. Environment admins, known as Org admins in Classic Manager, are responsible for creating and configuring Groundplexes.
  • AutoSync Snaplex: Provisioned and maintained by SnapLogic for customers subscribed to AutoSync.
Learn more about Snaplexes.

The Snaplexes page in Admin Manager lists all Snaplexes in the environment. From this page, you can add and configure Groundplexes and manage Snaplex version upgrades.

Navigation and editing controls

Use the highlighted controls to view and manage Snaplexes:

Admin Manager Snaplexes screen

  1. Search for the Snaplexes based on name, project, or type. The type indicates if the Snaplex is a Cloudplex or Groundplex.
  2. Filter options based on Owner and Projects.
  3. Set the Auto Upgrade Snaplexes option for the Snaplex from this screen. By default, the option is set as ON.
  4. Add a new Snaplex.
  5. Navigate the list of Snaplexes.
  6. Change the number of Snaplexes listed on each page.
  7. Upgrade or downgrade the Snaplex version from the list view. Select multiple Snaplexes and change the version.