Switch branches

  • A Git repository associated with the project
  1. Go to SnapLogic Manager.
  2. In the navigation tree, locate the project, and click the down arrow to display the menu.
    Project menu
  3. Select Checkout Git Repository.
  4. Configure the Git Repository Checkout settings.
    Git Repository Checkout settings
    • Repository. Select the repository to switch to.
    • Branches/Tags. Select the branch or tag to switch to or enter a unique name to create a new branch. You can filter the list by typing the first letters of the branch or tag name.
    • Hard Reset. Select this checkbox to replace all assets in your project/project space with the ones in your git repository. This discards all uncommitted changes (modified or conflicting assets) and the assets in Added, Tracked, or Removed status from your project/project space.
    • Discard Untracked Files. With the Hard Reset checkbox selected, select this checkbox to delete all untracked files from your project/project space during the checkout.
    Important: You can select Hard Reset and leave Discard Untracked Files unchecked if you want to retain a set of assets but not track them.
  5. Click Checkout.
The Git Integration updates the assets to the version that was last committed that branch or tag.