Filter columns

In the AutoSync wizard flow, after you connect to the destination and sources, the Filter columns screen opens. In this screen, you can deselect columns that you do not need to synchronize.

The option to synchronize a subset of table columns or object fields provides the following benefits:

  • Save costs by storing only the required data.
  • Filter out data that is unrelated to your business objective.
  • Exclude sensitive data.

For each source, the data pipeline wizard Filter columns screen previews up to four rows of data from each selected table. Each table displays in a separate tab. When available, a selector on the right provides access to additional tables. The screenshot below shows the Campaign table, which was selected from the dropdown list:

Filter columns screen

  • Click a column to deselect it.
  • To remove many columns, click Remove all and add back the columns you want. The removed columns display in the Removed columns area under the table. Removed columns
  • Use the Filter control to constrain the displayed columns by type.
  • Select Show required columns to display all columns. Required columns are not removable.
  • In the Removed columns section, click the X to add a column back or click Restore all.
  • When finished, click Next.