Filter columns

In the Filter columns screen, you can deselect columns that you don't need to synchronize. The option to synchronize a subset of table columns or object fields provides the following benefits:

  • Save costs by storing only the required data.
  • Filter out data that's unrelated to your business objective.
  • Exclude sensitive data. If you need to preserve the table schema in the target, consider masking sensitive data instead of filtering.

In the Filter columns screen:

  • Click a column to deselect it.
  • To remove many columns, click Remove all and add back the columns you want. The removed columns display in the Removed columns area under the table. Removed columns
  • Use the Filter control to constrain the displayed columns by type.
  • Select Show required columns to display all columns. Required columns are not removable.
  • In the Removed columns section, click the X to add a column back or click Restore all.
  • When finished, click Next.