Replace the member list of a group

PUT /groups/{env_org}/{groupname}


This API replaces the member list of the group.


  • Environment (Org) admin permissions


 PUT https://{controlplane_path}/api/1/rest/public/groups/{env_org}/{groupname}

Path Parameters

Key Description
controlplane_path Required. The path to the SnapLogic control plane.


For other control planes, substitute the subdomain name for elastic. For example:
org Required. The name of the SnapLogic Environment/Org.
groupname Required. The name of the group.

Query Parameters


Request Header

Specify Basic for authorization and application/json for content type.

Authorization: Basic {your_encoded_security_credentials}
Content-Type: application/json

Request Body

 { "members" : [ ... ] }
Key Type Description
members array An array of strings containing the new list of group members' email addresses.