Data Snaps

The Data Snaps enable you to integrate applications that span data processing, data streaming, databases, storage systems, and big data.

The following Snap Packs are available on the current site:
  • OpenSearch Snap Pack: Enhances your data connectivity by seamlessly integrating with OpenSearch database, providing robust search and analytics capabilities. It facilitates efficient data retrieval, and analysis ensuring superior performance and scalability for managing large datasets within your workflows.
  • Pinecone Snap Pack: Empowers you to seamlessly connect and synchronize your data with Pinecone's vector database, enabling quick similarity search and advanced machine learning capabilities. It ensures efficient data handling and superior search performance for large datasets.

The following table provides links to the Data Snaps on the legacy site.

Data Snaps available on the legacy site
Azure SQL Snap Pack Azure Synapse SQL Snap Pack Cassandra Snap Pack
Databricks Snap Pack Dynamo DB Snap Pack ELT Snap Pack
Google AlloyDB Snap Pack Google BigQuery Snap Pack Hadoop Snap Pack
Hive Snap Pack Kafka Snap Pack MongoDB Snap Pack
MySQL Snap Pack Oracle Snap Pack PostgresSQL Snap Pack
Redshift Snap Pack SAP HANA Snap Pack Snowflake Snap Pack
SQL Server Snap Pack Teradata Snap Pack Vertica Snap Pack