Analyze executions

The Snaplogic Monitor Execution overview displays information about pipeline executions:

Execution overview screen

Using controls on the Execution overview page, you can:

  • Select a time period in hours or by date range.
  • View execution status summary cards for the selected time period. Click a card to filter the execution list by that status.
  • Aggregate executions, grouped by Pipeline or by the Tasks that triggered them.
  • Resize, search, filter, and add or remove columns from the execution list.
  • Click a column name to sort the execution list by ascending or descending values.
  • Export the current results to a CSV file.
  • Refresh the execution list.

The Status column displays one of the following statuses:

Remove or rearrange columns by opening advanced search options. Under Column preferences, the shaded pills indicate the visible columns:

  • Click a pill to show or hide a column.
  • Drag a pill to change its position in the table.

Advanced search options