Configure NetSuite REST Accounts


You must create NetSuite REST accounts to connect to data sources that you want to use in your pipelines. You can configure your account from SnapLogic Platform using the Designer or Manager.

Snap-Account Compatibility

Snaps in the NetSuite REST Snap Pack work with different accounts and protocols per the following table:

Snaps NetSuite REST Access Token Account NetSuite REST M2M OAuth2 Account
NetSuite REST Create
NetSuite REST Read
NetSuite REST Update
NetSuite REST Delete
NetSuite REST Search
NetSuite REST SuiteQL
NetSuite REST Upsert

Account Encryption

Standard Encryption If you are using Standard Encryption, follow the High sensitivity settings under Enhanced Encryption.
Enhanced Encryption If you have the Enhanced Account Encryption feature, the following describes which fields are encrypted for each sensitivity level selected for this account:
  • High: Password
  • Medium + High: Username, Password
  • Low + Medium + High: Username, Password