Transformation Snaps

Transformation Snaps provide a seamless flow of data between different systems, applications, or databases. These Snaps facilitate data transformation, ensuring disparate systems can efficiently exchange and understand information.

Key Features:
  • Data transformation: Transforms data from one format to another data format by altering structures or translating terminology to match the requirements of the receiving system.
  • Interoperability: Enables the interoperability between systems with varying data structures or formats. They ensure that data produced by one system can be accurately interpreted and utilized by another.
  • Data quality: These Snaps standardize the data during the transformation process. They can validate, correct data and prevent inconsistencies and errors when dealing with diverse data sources.
  • Mapping capabilities: Enables you to define how data elements from one application correspond to those in another. This mapping ensures accurate and meaningful transformation.
  • Data validation: To maintain data integrity, these utilities may incorporate validation mechanisms ensuring transformed data to adhere to specified rules and standards.