Update Snaplex

The Snaplexes page allows the Environment admins to update the Groundplex properties details, which includes the following:

  • Update the Snaplex version - refers to upgrading the SnapLogic release running on your Snaplexes.
  • Change the settings of the Snaplex after creation.
  • Change the custom Node properties for the Groundplex. You can make these changes through the Global.properties in your Snaplex.

Admin Manager Update Snaplexes screen

When to update a Snaplex Version

When developing pipelines in SnapLogic Designer, the version of the Snaps that you use depends on the current Snap Catalog for the Environment.

  • If all the Snaplex instances in the Environment are running the current platform version, then the Catalog uses the new version of Snaps.
  • If even one node in any Snaplex is running the older platform version, which is supported for five weeks from the date of the quarterly platform update, then the Snap Catalog shows the older version of Snaps. In this case, the Snap Catalog uses the older versions of the Snaps, as shown under the Old label in the View distribution dropdown list. are used. To check which version of the Snaps you are using to develop your Pipelines, see the Class FQID in the Snap Setting popup when opening the Pipeline for configuration.
  • If the Snap Catalog uses the older version of Snaps, the UI displays several indicators.

Indicators for an outdated Snaplex version

Between the release of the SnapLogic GA release and the Automatic update, the UI alerts you if any Snaplex instances are outdated with the following indicators:

  • When you log in, SnapLogic displays a warning message if a Snaplex is an older version than the latest release.
  • In Admin Manager, when you click the Snaplex, the Update Snaplex page appears. It includes a list of available versions, in which each version has one of the following three designations:
    • Recommended. Indicates that this distribution is the version you should use.
    • Restricted Distribution. Indicates that this version has a configuration intended for specific customers only.
    • Deprecated. Indicates that this version is being phased out and should not be selected.

Updating a Snaplex requires an Environment admin to change the version of the Snaplex settings in Manager to the current recommended version. This version update initiates a rolling upgrade for the nodes in the Snaplex to the new version. The indicators no longer display once you upgrade to the latest version of SnapLogic or after the Automatic Update.

Update a Snaplex Version

You can update the version of your Snaplex through the Update Snaplex page.

  1. Select a Snaplex from the Snaplex list, and open the Update Snaplex page.
  2. From the Version dropdown list, select the version marked Recommended, then click Save.
Note: SnapLogic supports the Slack messaging app within the SnapLogic platform communications, enabling you as an Environment admin to add Slack channels and recipients for your SnapLogic communications. If you enable Slack in Manager > Settings, the Update Snaplex dialog includes the following fields:
  • Slack channel for notifications
  • Slack user for notifications

For details on adding Slack communications to your Org, refer to SnapLogic Notifications through Slack.