Create a Connection

About creating a connection

  • At least one Cloudplex with active nodes
  • Admin permissions
  1. Go to the Snaplexes > Cloudplex Secure Connectivity tab.
  2. Click New connection to open the connection configuration wizard.
  3. In page 1 of the wizard, select the Cloudplex, name the connection, and click Next.

    Create new connection wizard step 1

  4. In page 2 of the wizard, enter the AWS Private link service URL and click Submit.

    Enter the private link service URL, then wait for approval or close the window.

    • If you receive approval within the expected time, then go to the next page of the wizard.
    • If you do not have the service URL or if it is not set up yet, you can click Close this window and return later.
  5. In page 3 of the wizard, wait for SnapLogic to validate the connection, then click Done when the connection is valid.

    Wizard step 3

    Note: When the URL submission is approved, the connection is validated by SnapLogic, which can take 10 minutes or longer.
    • If you know that your service URL submission is approved, but it's not reflected in the wizard, you can keep it open and click Refresh to check status.
    • If you do not expect approval for days, you can exit and reopen the wizard when the service URL submission is approved.
  6. To verify that the connection works, copy the dns_entries URL as the hostname when running pipelines on the Cloudplex and view their statistics in Monitor.

    Modal showing dns_entries URL to copy