Reference: Activity metadata

Information about an activity.

You can get information about activities that occur in your Snaplex through the public API GET /activities/{env_org}.

The response has an entries component, which includes several of the following information:

Key Type Description
_id string The ID of the activity.
asset_label string The label or name of the asset.
asset_path string The path to the affected asset.

Format: /{env_org}/{project_space}/{project_name}

asset_type string The type of the asset affected by the activity's action.
Possible values:
  • API
  • Dir
  • Plex
  • Proxy
by_whom string The entity that performed the activity.
create_time string The time when the activity's action was performed. Format: UTC
display_type string The type of the information, which indicates how it should be displayed.
Possible values:
  • Proxy
event_type string The type of event or activity that occurred.
Possible values:
  • Session events:
    • session_start
  • Asset events:
    • asset_create
    • asset_delete
    • asset_rename
    • asset_update
  • Policy events:
    • policy_create
    • policy_delete
  • Security events:
    • acl_add
  • Snaplex events:
    • plex_node_add
  • User and Group events:
    • approve_devportal_user
    • group_create
    • org_add_user
    • password_reset
    • user_create
group_name string The name of the group to manage.
ip_address string

In Session events: The IP address of the user that started the session.

In Snaplex events: The IP address of the Snaplex.

new_name string If event_type is asset_rename, the new name of the asset.
org_label string The label or name of the Environment/Org where the activity occurred.
parent_path string The path to the parent of the activity.

Format: /{env_org}/{project_space}

parent_type string The type of the parent activity. Possible values:
  • apim
  • Project
partition_label string
perm » perms array An array containing one or more of the following permissions:
  • "R" – read
  • "W" – write
  • "X" – execute

Learn more: Permissions in Manager and in APIs

perm » subject_type string The type of the subject.
Possible values:
  • USER
perm » inherit Boolean If true, the permissions assigned to the project or project space also apply to all assets under it.
perms_entry string

perm » subject


string The user or asset to be assigned the permissions.
project_label string The label or name of the Project where the activity occurred.
snaplogic_admin_update Boolean
template string The template for the log message that describes the activity.
user_id string

Session events: The same value as by_whom.

User events: The username or email address associated with the user account being managed.