Tableau Account


You can use this account type to connect Tableau Snaps with data sources that use the Tableau Account.



Limitations and Known Issues


Account Settings

Create Account dialog

  • Suggestion icon (): Indicates a list that is dynamically populated based on the configuration.
  • Expression icon (): Indicates whether the value is an expression (if enabled) or a static value (if disabled). Learn more about Using Expressions in SnapLogic.
  • Add icon (): Indicates that you can add fields in the field set.
  • Remove icon (): Indicates that you can remove fields from the field set.
Field / Field set Type Description
Label String Required. Specify a unique name for the Snap. Modify this to be more appropriate, especially if there are more than one of the same Snap in the pipeline.
Username String Required. Specify the username to connect to the Tableau database server.

Default value: N/A

Example: Snapuser

Password String Required. Specify the password associated with the username specified above.

Default value: N/A

Example: ll@98#*00w

Site String Specify the Tableau site for the account.
Note: For Tableau accounts, Site is only required if you are using the online version of Tableau. You must also remove all spaces in the site name and enter it in all lowercase.

Default value: N/A

Example: snaplogicsalesdemo

Server String Required. Specify the Tableau Server URL where the account is hosted.

Default value: N/A