Cloudplex Secure Connectivity


As the adoption of externally managed applications increases, IT Organizations demand seamless and secure connectivity to both their on-premises and private cloud endpoints.

The Secure Connectivity subscription feature provides a new level of support for SnapLogic's Cloudplex managed data plane solution. You can now connect Cloudplexes to your AWS cloud and on-premises endpoints using a private link.


  • The capability to set a private link for your Cloudplexes and endpoints
  • A connection wizard that offers an easy workflow for Admins to configure and manage connections
  • A dedicated page to manage connections and their statuses

Support and limitations

  • This feature is only available in the new Admin Manager.
  • Both the Global and EMEA control planes support this feature.
  • Cloudplexes only support three connections currently.
  • The following Cloudplex regions are supported:
    • U.S. (us-west-2)
    • Ireland (eu-west-1)
    • London (eu-west-2)
    • Canada (ca-central-1)
  • Supported Applications: AWS Private Link.
  • Only ports ranging from 9070-9080 work with AWS Private Link.


  • You must have Cloudplexes in your Environment.
  • Your Cloudplex and service URL for your AWS Private link service URL must be in the same AWS region.


The following diagram shows the architecture for Cloudplex secured connections.

This diagram shows the client contacting the Control Plane, communicating with the Cloudplex, which communicates with an endpoint over a private link.


Configure a Cloudplex for Secure Connectivity.

  1. Select Cloudplex
  2. Configure Private Link
  3. Run Pipelines
  4. Check Status