Generate Manageable Chunks of an Article

This example pipeline demonstrates how to create cusotmized chunks of an article.

  1. Configure the JSON Generator Snap to pass your input data.
    Note: In this example, we are using the JSON Generator Snap. However, you can replace the JSON Generator Snap with any Snap of your choice, such as the Constant, File Reader, or S3 File Reader Snaps.
  2. Configure the Chunker Snap to chunk data. The data from the upstream Snap is chunked into manageable chunks based on specified criteria - unit of chunking, chunk size, the overlap between the chunks, and the header configuration method.

    On validation, the Snap displays the chunks of data.

    Chunker Snap Configuration Chunker Snap Output

    Chunker Snap Configuration

    Chunker Snap Output

To successfully reuse pipelines:
  1. Download and import the pipeline into SnapLogic.
  2. Configure Snap accounts as applicable.
  3. Provide pipeline parameters as applicable.