Pipeline validation

Environment admins control the Designer settings for pipeline validation and Snap data preview. With pipeline validation enabled:

  • Admins can set the maximum number of documents shown in Snap data previews.
  • Users can override the pipeline validation setting at the project level.
  • Users can override the number of documents shown in data preview, up to the maximum set for the environment.

With pipeline validation disabled:

  • The Designer toolbar Validation button is grayed out.
  • Pipeline copy, move, import, or open actions do not trigger validation.
  • Data preview is not available.

Learn how to override pipeline validation at the project level and learn more about data preview.

Open the Pipeline validation screen from the Designer settings section of the Admin Manager navigation pane:

Pipeline validation settings

Use the toggle to enable or disable pipeline validation for the environment.

If pipeline validation is enabled, select the maximum number of documents Snap data previews can display:

Maxiumum preview documents