Execute SuiteQL Query on NetSuite Server

This example pipeline demonstrates how to execute SuiteQL query on the NetSuite server.

  1. Configure the NetSuite REST SuiteQL Snap with this SuiteQL Query to retrieve information about active customers and their associated shipping addresses in specific ZIP codes. This query contains JOIN operation with WHERE clause.
    SELECT Customer.LastName, Customer.FirstName, Customer.Email, EntityAddress.Addr1, EntityAddress.City, EntityAddress.State, EntityAddress.Zip FROM EntityAddress INNER JOIN Customer ON ( Customer.DefaultShippingAddress = EntityAddress.nKey ) WHERE ( EntityAddress.Zip IN ( '23113', '23235', '94087' ) ) AND ( Customer.IsInactive = 'F' )
  2. Configure the Pagination parameters as follows:
    • Pages with 0 to read all pages from the NetSuite Server.
    • Pages size with 1000 to retrieve 1000 records per page.
  3. Configure the Timeout options as follows:
    • Read timeout (seconds): 60.
    • Connection timeout (seconds): 30.
  4. Configure the Retry settings as follows:
    • Retry on with Server errors (5xx) to retry the operation if there are network or connectivity issues.
    • Maximum attempts: 5.
    • Retry interval (seconds): 3.

    On validation, the Snap displays the query results. On running the pipeline, the query is executed in NetSuite.

    NetSuite REST Execute Snap Configuration NetSuite REST Execute Snap Output

    NetSuite REST Execute Snap Configuration

    NetSuite REST Execute Snap Output

To successfully reuse pipelines:
  1. Download and import the pipeline into SnapLogic.
  2. Configure Snap accounts as applicable.
  3. Provide pipeline parameters as applicable.