Metrics screen

The Snaplogic Monitor Metrics screen displays key usage metrics for a Snaplex node over time. Open Metrics from the navigation menu. Select a node to display the metric charts:

Metric charts

The charts report the average value, maximum value and trends for:

  • Percentage of CPU, disk, and memory use.
  • Percentage of system load.
  • Number of active threads and active pipelines.
  • Size of network requests received and sent.

Hover over any chart to locate a specific time. The scale of charts depends on the time period you select:

  • For time periods of seven days or less, each data point represents the average value of that metric in one-minute intervals.
  • For time periods of more than seven days, each data point represents the average value of that metric over fifteen-minute intervals.

Chart controls

The default Metrics layout includes nine charts. Click the expand collapse control to maximize or minimize a chart:

Expand or collapse a chart

Click the three dot menu to download chart data or remove it:

Three dot menu

The following table describes the actions available from the Metrics page toolbar, the charts in the default layout, and an expanded chart:

From the page toolbar: From the default charts layout: From an expanded chart:
Select a node Expand or remove a chart Display pipeline execution details
Change the time period Download chart data Download chart data
Refresh chart data View individual data point values View individual data point values
Add back a chart that was removed Zoom in Zoom in

View data point values

In a regular or expanded chart, hover over the plot to view values for individual data points. You can also drag, select, and release to zoom in on a shorter period of time.

Add or remove a chart

Nine charts display in the default layout. The toolbar Add button is disabled until you remove a chart.

To remove a chart, click the ellipsis and select Remove chart.

To add a chart, click the toolbar Add button and select the chart to add.

Download chart data

To download chart data:

  • For charts in the standard layout, click the ellipsis and select Download chart data.
  • For an expanded chart, click the Download button on the page toolbar.

View and download pipeline details and logs

To view details for a pipeline execution during a specific time period:

  1. Expand the chart of interest.
  2. Drag your cursor across the plot to select a time period. A table of pipeline executions displays.
  3. Click the download control to download the pipeline data in .csv format.
  4. To view more details, do one of the following:
    • Click Open in execution view.
    • Click a pipeline to open its execution details. Select the Pipeline logs tab to view and download logs.