Delete a data pipeline

When a data pipeline is deleted, SnapLogic AutoSync disables its synchronization schedule and moves it to the trash. It stays in the trash for 30 days before being completely deleted. Within the 30 day period, an Environment admin (Org Admin) can retrieve or completely remove it from the trash. If a data pipeline is deleted while running, the execution finishes. If the data pipeline is shared with other users, it will no longer appear in the dashboard.

  1. Delete a data pipeline in any of the following ways:
    • From the card view, click the three dot menu, and select Delete.
      Delete trash icon

    • From the card view, click the card to open the details pane, and click the trash icon:
      Trash icon

    • From the list view, select one or more data pipelines and click Delete:
      Delete from list view

    • From the list view, hover on the far right side of the data pipeline. Click the three dot menu, and select Delete:
      List view three dot menu

  2. Click Delete in the confirmation dialog to send the data pipeline to the trash.