Snaplex APIs

Snaplex APIs allow you to do the following:
  • Node Management. Configure or manage a JCC node.
  • Monitoring. Retrieve information about a Snaplex.
  • Version Management. Retrieve information about installed versions or upgrade to a specific version.
Node Management APIs
POST /snaplex/restart/{plex_path}/{hostname} requests a restart of the specified JCC node.
POST /snaplex/maintenance/{plex_path}/{hostname} requests that the specified JCC node be switched to maintenance mode.
GET /snaplex/config/{plex_path} retrieves the information needed to install and configure a node on a Groundplex.
Monitoring APIs
GET /snaplex/{env_org} retrieves Snaplex and JCC wrapper information about all nodes or about a specific node.
Version Management APIs
GET /snaplex/version retrieves information about all versions of the Snaplex packages.
GET /snaplex/version/latest determines the latest active version of the Snaplex package.
POST /snaplex/version/{plex_path} updates the Snaplex to the specified version.
POST /snaplex/version/latest/{plex_path} updates the Snaplex to the latest version.