Amazon Bedrock LLM Snap Pack

Important: This Snap Pack is part of the GenAI Builder product and cannot be purchased separately. To purchase GenAI Builder, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).


The Amazon Bedrock LLM Snap Pack facilitates seamless integration with Amazon's high-performing foundation models (FMs) within the SnapLogic platform. It enables you to integrate Amazon Bedrock's FMs from diverse sources via a unified API. Use this Snap Pack to leverage the capabilities of Amazon Bedrock's LLM, such as prompt generation, chat completions, and embedding, within your SnapLogic workflows. This Snap Pack has the following Snaps:
This Snap Pack includes the following key features:
  • Enables efficient generation of chat completions utilizing Amazon Titan Text and Anthropic Claude models and parameters.
  • Supports tasks like embedding, chat completions, conversational exchanges and prompt generation for enhanced language processing.