Create a team account

As the name implies, a team account provides a way for multiple people to log into the SnapLogic Platform with the same email address and password. A team account has designated maintainers who receive all account emails such as those to reset the account password. A team account has the role of User and can't have administrative privileges.

Because any maintainer can reset the account password, maintainers should coordinate the initial and subsequent reset of the account password and communicate the updated password with all users sharing the account.

You must add at least one maintainer to save the account. If you delete the last maintainer from the group, you become the maintainer.

Important: Be sure to share the team account email and password only with trusted colleagues.

From the Admin Manager Users screen, create a user account for accessing the SnapLogic Platform:

  1. At the top right of the Users screen, click Add user
    The New user dialog opens:
    New user dialog

  2. Click Team account.
    The New team account dialog opens:
    New team account options

  3. Enter a name for the team account.
  4. Enter an email address.
  5. Select the maintainers. An error displays if you try to save the account without selecting at least one maintainer.
  6. Grant app access:
    • Designer, formerly called Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP), gives regular users access to APIs and to Monitor. Environment admins receive access to Admin Manager.
    • AutoSync gives regular users access to APIs and to Monitor. Environment admins receive access to Admin Manager.
    • API access only creates an account to use for basic authentication to call public APIs or run tasks. The account cannot be used to log into the UI.
  7. In environments subscribed to MFA, the Authentication methods include the MFA option:
    Password-based authentication

    • If the environment has SSO enabled and you want users to log in only with SSO, disable password login.
    • If the environment is subscribed to MFA, both password login and multi-factor authentication must be enabled. With MFA enabled, maintainers must use MFA to log into every environment the account belongs to, regardless of whether those environments are subscribed to MFA.
  8. Click Add.