Retrieve config info for a Groundplex

GET /snaplex/config/{plex_path}?{query_parameters}


This API retrieves the information needed to install and configure a node on a Groundplex.

You can use this API to automate the installation of Groundplex nodes.


  • Environment (Org) admin permissions


 GET https://{controlplane_path}/api/1/rest/public/snaplex/config/{plex_path}?{query_parameters}

Path Parameters

Key Description
controlplane_path Required. The path to the SnapLogic control plane.


For other control planes, substitute the subdomain name for elastic. For example:
plex_path Required. The path to the Snaplex. The path comparison is case-sensitive.

Format: /{env_org}/{project_space}/{project_name}/{snaplex_name}

Example: /snaplogic/shared/My%20Cloud

Query Parameters

Key Type Description
expire_hours integer The number of hours before the returned URL expires. The URL is a link to the Snaplex configuration file.

Default: 1 hour

version string If set to current, the returned configuration is based on the version that is currently installed on the Snaplex. Otherwise, the returned configuration is based on the latest available version.

Request Header

Specify Basic for authorization and application/json for content type.

Authorization: Basic {your_encoded_security_credentials}
Content-Type: application/json

Request Body



Response Body

  "response_map": {
    "config": "...",
    "pkgs": {
      "plex-rpm": {
        "comment": "...",
        "status": "...",
        "kind": "plex-rpm",
        "signatures": {
          "md5": "..."
        "pkg_file": "...",
        "driver": "...",
        "uri": "...",
        "version": "...",
        "compatible_version": "...",
        "create_time": "...",
        "_id": "..."
      "plex-deb": {
      "plex-win": {
  "http_status_code": 200
Key Type Description
config string The signed URL where you can download the configuration file (.slpropz) for the Snaplex node.
Note: If you are an Environment/Org administrator, the configuration file contains generic credentials for the Snaplex node. Otherwise, the configuration file contains the caller's credentials.
pkgs object The Snaplex software packages that are available for installation.
The following metadata is included for each package type:
  • comment – A description of the Snaplex package.
  • status – The status of the Snaplex version.
    Possible values:
    • active
    • deprecated
  • kind – The type of the Snaplex package.
    Available types:
    • plex-rpm
    • plex-deb
    • plex-win
  • signatures – Key-value pairs where the keys represent the hash algorithm and the values contain the hashed signatures.
    Possible keys:
    • md5
  • pkg_file – The zip file that contains the installation files.
  • driver
  • uri – The URI where you can download the Snaplex package.
  • version – The SnapLogic version included in the zip file.
  • compatible_version – SnapLogic versions that the package is compatible with.
  • create_time – The time that the zip file was created.

    Format: UTC

  • _id – The ID of the Snaplex package.