Snaplex Versions and Snap Packs

The Snaplex and Snap Pack upgrades automatically occur four weeks plus two days after a quarterly release. During auto-upgrade, Snaplexes could be in one of three states. For more information refer to SnapLogic Release Process.

  • All Snaplexes are on the previous Platform version: Design-time Snap catalog uses old Snaps
  • Mixed versioned Snaplexes include some Snaplexes that are on the previous Platform version and some that are running on a new version: Design-time Snap Pack Catalog uses old snaps
  • All Snaplexes on new platform version: Design-time Snap Pack catalog uses new snaps

Until all Snaplexes are upgraded to the new version, the design-time Snap Pack Catalog uses the old Snap Pack Catalog. If one Snaplex is switched back to the previous Snaplex version after the upgrade, the catalog again reverts to the previous Snap Pack version.

However, the execution time Snap Pack Catalog does not have this behavior. Rather, new Snap Pack versions are used on new JCC nodes and the previous versioned Snaps Packs are used on the old JCC nodes with the previous version.