Activity logs

The Activity logs enables us to track changes to user accounts and assets in their organization. By default the activity lists displays a log of all the latest tasks executed within the environment.

View events

By default the table shows all activities. Select a type from the dropdown list to view events for that activity.

  • All: Lists events in chronological order with no filter applied.
  • ACL: Events related to user accounts and groups.
  • APIM: Changes to APIM user activities and subscription user notifications
  • Asset: Manager events related to assets such as accounts, projects, and pipelinesinclude Assets (projects and pipelines) created by an import operation
  • User: Events related to user accounts.
  • Policy: Changes to API policies applied in Classic manager and APIM
  • Distribution (Dist): Changes to Snap Pack versions
  • Environment (Org): Changes to membership in the Environment (Org)
  • Snaplex: Changes to Snaplex version, state changes, and node events.
  • Session: User sessions
  • Group: Changes to Group membership and access
  • SnapLogic admin update: Changes to SnapLogic admin access

Users can query the log for data gathered over a specific time range using the calender and also save a log in .csv format by selecting the Download activity logs on the top right.

Activity log list

The lower section of the Activity logs page displays the total number of log activities. Use the arrows to access the entries and each page displays 100 entries by default.

Activity log footer

Note: Audit Information

The audit information is retained for 90 days before it is deleted. When a project is deleted, users lose visibility to all events for that project in their Activity logs. All event times indicate the day, date, and time.

Audit Environment admin activities

The Environment settings update events are included in the Environment (Org) category in the Activity log. All the changes to Environment settings are tracked here.

Snaplex event reporting

The Activity logs tracks node crash events and the details display this event information.

Select the Snaplex option from the dropdown and view the following events:

  • Snaplex entering maintenance mode
  • Snaplex leaving maintenance mode

Snaplex nodes in maintenance mode could signal issues with pipeline executions and help you investigate node crashes. A pattern of nodes entering maintenance mode with crash events might suggest a configuration problem.

You can also track the following user interactions with Snaplex nodes in greater detail. When a node is added to a Snaplex, the node label and Snaplex name appear in the Activity log entry, along with the user who added the Snaplex node as shown in the image below:

Snaplex node added

Similarly, when a Snaplex node restarts, the node label and Snaplex name appear in the Activity log entry, with the user who restarted the Snaplex node.

The Activity log showcases user names and Snaplex version updates when users initiate Snaplex version changes.

Snaplex node added

Additional environment settings update events

IP, CORS, and Groundplex Allowlists for Org Events

The events are visible in the Activity log when you add or remove the IP address, CORS, and Groundplex allowlists from the Admin Manager settings. Admin Manager setting changes such as to allowlists are logged as events for monitoring and auditing purposes.

API Daily Limit and Concurrent API Limit events

You can request the SnapLogic®️ CSM team to update the API Daily Limit and Concurrent API Limit as per your requirement. You can only view these changes in the Activity log and also view the details of the old and new API Daily and Concurrent Limit.

Reference for logged events

The following table lists the events tracked in the Activity log.

Field Events logged
ACL For changes to the ACL, the event tracked is:
  • A permission is added or removed from an asset.

For changes to APIs published to the Org Developer Portal and subscription status, the events tracked are:

  • API is published
  • API is unpublished
  • API is deprecated
  • API is retired.
  • Developer portal user membership is approved
  • Developer portal membership is removed
  • Developer portal membership is in pending status
  • User subscription is approved

Events track activities for the following assets:

  • Asset is created
  • Asset is created by import operation (applicable to projects and pipelines)
  • Asset is deleted
  • Asset is updated
  • Asset is renamed
  • Asset ownership changes
  • Asset moves
  • Asset acl added
  • Asset acl removed

The events tracked are:

  • User logs in (session created)
  • User logs out (session deleted)
  • User password changed
  • User password reset
  • User removed from a phase
  • User created
  • User deleted

For policies applied at any level in the Org, including projects and shared folders in Admin Manager, and at the API and version level in APIM, the events tracked are:

  • Policy is created
  • Policy is removed
  • Policy is updated
Distribution (Dist)

For Snap Pack distributions, the events tracked are:

  • Change in the Snap Pack asset label (Dist override)
  • Change in the Snap Pack asset FQID (Dist change)
Environment (Org)

For Environment (Org), the events tracked are:

  • User was added to the environment
  • User was removed from the environment
Environment settings update

For changes Environment admins make in the Admin Manager Environment settings page the follwing events are tracked:

  • Single Sign-On via SAML v2.0
    • Requests signed is updated
    • Comparison context is updated
    • Context is added
    • Context is removed
  • Auto upgrade Snaplex (Enabled or disabled)
  • Snaplex versions (Detailed update)
    • Snaplex name
    • Version
      Note: Only one event record exists per Snaplex.
  • Account data encryption (Detailed update)
    • Configure Encryption
      • Encryption setting: Standard, Enhanced
      • Sensitivity level: High, Medium, Low, Medium and High
      • Manage Trusted Orgs (Detailed update)
        • Org Name: Added, Removed
    • Configure Timeout (Detailed update)
      • Session Timeout
      • Idle Timeout
    • User password expiration Policy (Detailed update)
      • Enforce Password Expiration
      • Expiration period
      • Expiration notice period
      • Expire All passwords
    • Alerts/Activity log notifications
      • Event Type
      • Additional details (except email)
    • User notifications
    • Add/Remove Slack
      • Slack Setting
      • Slack workspace name
    • Manage Snaplex Notification
      • Email Addres: Added, Removed
      • Slack Channel: Added, Removed
      • Slack Direct message
      • Added
      • Removed
    • Email Encryption
    • Pipeline Validation (Enabled or disabled)
    • Manage IP Allowlist
      • Any IP
      • IP Range: Added, Removed, Updated
    • Manage CORS Allowlist
      • IP Range: Added, Updated, Removed
    • Manage Groundplex Allowlist
      • IP Range: Added, Updated, Removed
    • Cloud Pattern Catalog (Enabled/Disabled)
    • SnapGPT (Enabled/Disabled)
    • Regression Test Settings
      • Status (Enabled/Disabled)
      • Snaplex
      • Test Result Directory
    • Set Default Application

For Snaplexes, the following events are tracked:

  • Snaplex node leaves maintenance mode
  • Snaplex node is put into maintenance mode
  • Snaplex node is restarted
  • Snaplex is congested.
  • New node is added to a Snaplex
  • Node crash event is reported

For sessions, the following events are tracked:

  • When a user session ends
  • When a user session is created

For groups, the following events are tracked:

  • Group is deleted
  • Group is updated
  • Group is created