Delete a user

DELETE /users/{email}


This API deletes the user record associated with the specified email address.

Warning: This action permanently removes the user from the SnapLogic system. To check if the user belongs to other Environments/Orgs (before deletion), use PATCH /groups/{env_org}/{groupname}.

This API and the SnapLogic UI differ in how the user is deleted.

This API The SnapLogic UI
Removes the user entirely from the SnapLogic system. (hard delete) Removes the user from the Environments/Orgs only, not from the system. (soft delete)
Removes the user from all Environments/Orgs. Removes the user from one or more selected Environments/Orgs.


  • Environment (Org) admin permissions for all Orgs that the user belongs to


 DELETE https://{controlplane_path}/api/1/rest/public/users/{email}

Path Parameters

Key Description
controlplane_path Required. The path to the SnapLogic control plane.


For other control planes, substitute the subdomain name for elastic. For example:
email Required. The email address of the user.

Query Parameters


Request Header

Specify Basic for authorization and application/json for content type.

Authorization: Basic {your_encoded_security_credentials}
Content-Type: application/json

Request Body



Status code only.