Git integration for Azure Repos

Configure Git Integration in Azure Repos.


You can use Azure Repos with SnapLogic Git Integration. It involves registering in Azure Repos and entering the information from that registration to configure the SnapLogic Git Integration.

  • In Azure Repos:
    • An Azure Repos repository for SnapLogic assets
    • Azure organization administrator permissions to configure the organization settings and to register an app
    • The Third-party application access via OAuth policy enabled for the Azure organization
  • In SnapLogic:
    • Subscription to the SnapLogic feature Microsoft Azure DevOps Repository for each Org
    • SnapLogic Org admin permissions
  1. In Azure Repos, follow the instructions to register your app.
    Note: You must register at least once for each pod that you use. Multiple SnapLogic Orgs can use the same registration.

    Register an app - details form

    Use the following values:

    Field Value
    Application website https://mypod


    Authorization callback URL https://mypod/api/1/rest/asset/app/oauthcallback


    Authorized scopes The following selections are required:
    • User profile (write)
    • Code (read, write, and manage)
    The Application Settings page displays information that you will need to set up Git Integration in SnapLogic.
  2. In SnapLogic Manager, go to Settings and click Configure Git.

    Manager - Settings - Git Integration

  3. In the Configure Git dialog, configure the settings for Git Integration with Azure Repos.
    1. From the Git integration type dropdown, select Microsoft Azure Devops Repository.
    2. Copy the values from the Azure Repos Application Settings.
      In SnapLogic Copy from Azure Repos

      Configure Git dialog

      Application Settings of the newly registered app

      App ID App ID
      App Secret App Secret
      Base URL

      Accept the default

      Client Secret Client Secret
      Authorization callback URL

      Set to https://mypod/api/1/rest/asset/app/oauthcallback.


      Authorized Scopes Authorized Scopes
All projects within the SnapLogic organization have access to Azure Repos.
The assets must be checked out for each project.