Snap Pack History: Pinecone

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  • February 2024
  • main25112
  • 14 Feb 2024
  • Stable
Updated and certified against the current SnapLogic Platform release.
  • November 2023
  • 435patches24967
  • 31 Jan 2024
  • Latest and Stable
Introduced the Pinecone Snap Pack, which contains the following Snaps and Account:
  • Pinecone Query: Queries records in the Pinecone database, retrieves the top matching vectors close to a given vector, and outputs the corresponding metadata for those vectors.
  • Pinecone Upsert: Processes the vector from the input document and writes the data and the associated metadata in the specified index name and namespace.
  • Pinecone Account: Authenticates with Pinecone APIs using the API key.