Google Service Account


You can use this account type to connect Google Analytics 4 Snaps with data sources that use the Google Service Account.


  • A valid Google account.

Limitations and Known Issues


Account Settings

Google Service Account

  • Suggestion icon (): Indicates a list that is dynamically populated based on the configuration.
  • Expression icon (): Indicates whether the value is an expression (if enabled) or a static value (if disabled). Learn more about Using Expressions in SnapLogic.
  • Add icon (): Indicates that you can add fields in the field set.
  • Remove icon (): Indicates that you can remove fields from the field set.
Field / Field set Type Description
Label String Required. Specify a unique label for the account.
JSON key String/Expression Required. Upload the JSON key downloaded from the Google Console. Learn more about generating JSON key.

Default value: N/A

Example: quickstart.json