Cloudplex Secure Connection Management


From the Cloudplex Secure Connectivity screen, Environment admins configure AWS PrivateLink connections between their SnapLogic managed Snaplexes and their endpoints.

Supported Actions

The Secure Connection page provides the controls for creating, renaming, deleting, and viewing the status of connections.

Screenshot of the page with letter callouts.

You can do the following actions in the Secure Connection page.

  1. Launch the connection wizard.
  2. Search for a connection by name.
  3. Sort by Cloudplex.
  4. Sort by Status:
    • Active
    • Not submitted
    • Initializing
    • Pending approval
    • Rejected
    • Failed
    • Deleted
  5. Launch the actions menu:
    • Submit service URL: Add or revise a service URL for an existing connection.
    • View status details: Open status details. Depending on the status, different actions are available.
    • Rename a connection: Change a connection name.
    • Delete a connection: Remove a connection from a Cloudplex.

When you delete a connection, you must enter DELETE, then click I understand, delete this connection to confirm the deletion. The connection remains listed as deleted, but you cannot perform any actions on it.

You can open any Rejected and Failed connection to resubmit a VPC endpoint.

Note: Connections older than 30 days with Pending approval and Rejected statuses are deleted.