Stop a data pipeline

We recommend stopping a data pipeline only when absolutely necessary. For example, you might need to interrupt a data pipeline that takes a long time to load:

  • To change the configuration credentials or to load different tables.
  • If the source has issues that will cause load errors.
Important: You can't stop a data pipeline with CSV files as a source.

Stopping a data pipeline during execution can cause data corruption in the target. If it's necessary to stop a data pipeline configured with the Full load or Incremental load type, we recommend doing a Full load on the next run. A Full load drops the existing target tables and reloads the data. This isn't possible for data pipelines using SCD2. If SCD2 target data is incomplete or corrupted, you should manually delete the tables from the target before re-running the data pipeline.

After the data pipeline stops, the tables and records loaded resets to zero in the details panel.

To stop a running data pipeline:

  1. Open the options menu for the data pipeline in one of the following ways:
    • From the card view, click the three dot menu, and select Stop run. This option is only available when the data pipeline is running.
    • From the list view, hover on the far right side of the data pipeline. Click the three dot menu, and select Stop run:
    • Click the card view to open the details panel and click the stop icon.
  2. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes.