Groundplex allowlist

This allowlist applies to Groundplex nodes, restricting connections to the control plane to the IP addresses on the list.

Admin Manager Groundplex allowlist

To configure Groundplex allowlist choose from the following options:

  • Any IP address: This option allows all Groundplex nodes to connect to the control plane from any host.
  • IP allowlist below: This option restricts connection to nodes running on machines with the specified IP addresses.
    • Enter the Starting IP and Ending IP addresses and click Add.
    • The newly added ranges are displayed in the table with their status - Pending, Node conflict, Good, or Range too large, in the last column.
    • If you have Groundplex nodes in your organization that do not meet the allowlist criteria, SnapLogic displays it as Node conflict. To remove a range that has a Node conflict, select the IP range and click Remove.
      Remove Allowlist IP range

    • The IP ranges are validated against the existing nodes and stored when you click Save.

Before activating the node on the Dashboard, the IP address Allowlist checks the newly installed Groundplex node for your organization.

Important: If a node's IP address is removed, the node enters a one-day grace period before shutting down. To restore the Groundplex node within the grace period, you must reconfigure the IP range and manually restart the node.