Welcome to Snaps!

Snaps are the building blocks of a pipeline. Each Snap performs a single function, such as read, parse, transform or write data. You can view the Snaps available to you (or your account) in the Snap Catalog, on the left-hand side of the SnapLogic Designer. You can drag a Snap from the Snap Catalog on to the Canvas to use it in a pipeline. By default, the Snap Catalog contains a set of core Snaps available to all users. You can add premium or custom Snaps by installing them in the SnapLogic Manager on the project-level Snap Packs page.

  • To know which version of a Snap Pack is in use, refer to the org-level Snap Packs page.
  • To learn how to develop Snaps for the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, refer to Developer Documentation.