Install Tabcmd Utility

Tabcmd is a command-line utility provided by Tableau. It provides a set of commands that you can run from the command prompt to automate routine Tableau tasks. With tabcmd, you can perform tasks such as publishing workbooks and data sources, scheduling extract refreshes, creating users and groups, managing permissions, and interacting with Tableau Server or Tableau Online without relying on the Tableau user interface. Hence you must install the tabcmd utility on all nodes of a Snaplex where your Tableau pipelines are running.
  • Openjdk11
  • The SnapLogic® Platform runs on Java 11; therefore, to run the tabcmd utility, you must ensure the Java 11 version exists in your system. Ensure you have installed tabcmd in the Snaplex where your pipelines will run. If you have multiple Snaplexes, all of them must have the tabcmd installed.

Ensure that the path contains JDK11 as the first available Java version in the path. To do so, modify the path in the /etc/environment file as follows:

JAVA_HOME = <Absolute path of the jdk11 folder>


Optionally, you can replace$JAVA_HOME with JDK11 folder. For example,

JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/<JDK Directory>

PATH=/usr/java/<JDK Directory>/bin:$PATH

Once the tabcmd command is initialized, it points to the JAVA defined first in the path variable.
Warning: tabcmd installation does not work with the JRE bundled with the Groundplex setup.
Install tabcmd on the Linux node
  1. Download the latest version of the tabcmd utility from here.

    Downloading latest version

  2. Download the rpm (rest) or deb (Ubuntu) package using this link: Tableau Server 2023.1.3 based on the Linux distribution.

    Downloading latest version

  3. Install only the tabcmd utility.
  4. Run the rpm or deb package.
  5. Add a soft link to tabcmd in the bin directory.
    Note: Ensure that the Snap user has the following access:
    • Access to run the tabcmd utility.
    • Read and Write access to the file ~/.tableau/tabcmd/tabcmd.log.