Commit updates

You can commit one or more assets at the same time. When you commit project changes, you can select from a list of updated assets to commit.

You can also specify which assets to ignore by creating a .gitignore file and checking it into your repository. If an asset's name matches one or more of the patterns listed in the .gitignore file, that asset is ignored in the commit process. For example, you can prevent log files from being checked into your repository by adding *.log to your .gitignore file. Learn more about .gitignore.

Note: You can track a maximum of 1000 assets per project. If a check-in would exceed 1000 assets in the repository or if you try to check out a project with more than 1000 assets, an error is thrown.
  • A Git repository associated with the project
  1. Go to SnapLogic Manager.
  2. In the navigation tree, locate the project, and click the down arrow to display the menu.
    Project menu
  3. Select Commit to Git.
  4. In the Commit Changes dialog, deselect assets that you do not want to commit, and enter a commit message.

    Commit Changes dialog

  5. Click Commit.
The asset table updates with the new Git Status. You can log in to your Git hosting provider account to confirm the commit.