Switch a node to maintenance mode

POST /snaplex/maintenance/{plex_path}/{hostname}


This API requests that the specified JCC node be switched to maintenance mode.


  • Environment (Org) admin permissions


 POST https://{controlplane_path}/api/1/rest/public/snaplex/maintenance/{plex_path}/{hostname}

Path Parameters

Key Description
controlplane_path Required. The path to the SnapLogic control plane.

Example: cdn.elastic.snaplogic.com

For other control planes, substitute the subdomain name for elastic. For example:
  • cdn.uat.snaplogic.com
  • cdn.emea.snaplogic.com
plex_path Required. The path to the Snaplex. The path comparison is case-sensitive.

Format: /{env_org}/{project_space}/{project_name}/{snaplex_name}

Example: /snaplogic/shared/My%20Cloud

hostname Required. The JCC node path.

Example: canxl-jcc8.clouddev.snaplogic.com,canxl-jcc9.clouddev.snaplogic.com

Query Parameters


Request Header

Specify Basic for authorization and application/json for content type.

Authorization: Basic {your_encoded_security_credentials}
Content-Type: application/json

Request Body

 { "mode" : ... }
Key Type Description
mode Boolean If true, the JCC node is set to maintenance mode. Otherwise, the JCC node is set to running mode.


Status code only.