Create a project from a repository

If you have an existing Git repository that contains SnapLogic assets, you can create a new SnapLogic project from a Git checkout.

Note: You can track a maximum of 1000 assets per project. If a check-in would exceed 1000 assets in the repository or if you try to check out a project with more than 1000 assets, an error is thrown.
The Git repository to associate with the project.
  1. Go to SnapLogic Manager.
  2. In the navigation tree, locate the project space, and click the down arrow to open the project space menu.
    Open project space menu
    Project space menu
  3. Select Create Project.
  4. In the Create Project dialog, enter a name for the new project and select Create from Git Checkout.

    Create Project initial dialog

  5. In the Create Project from Git Checkout dialog, select the repository and branch/tag to use with the new project.
    After you select the repository, its default branch is displayed in the Branches/Tags field. You can select another branch from the dropdown.
    Create Project from Git Checkout dialog

    Tip: To create a new branch for the project, overwrite the name of the existing branch in the Branches/Tags field with the new branch name, then choose Create branch from the dropdown. The new branch is created from the existing branch that you previously selected.
    Create New Branch option in the dropdown

  6. Click Checkout.