Insert/Update values in the Pinecone database

Prerequisites: You must have access to the Pinecone console and API key to configure the account.

This example pipeline demonstrates how to update/insert records in the Pinecone database.

  1. Configure the JSON Generator Snap with the required vector values and ID to insert them in the database or update the existing records.
    Note: The vector values should be of the same number as the dimension of the vector for that Index.

    JSON Generator Snap Configuration

  2. Configure the Pinecone Upsert Snap with the Index name and Namespace details in which you want to insert/update the records.

    Pinecone Upsert Snap Configuration

  3. Validate the pipeline. The Snap displays the inserted records of the vectors (passed in the upstream Snap) in the output preview.

    Pinecone Query Snap Output

To successfully reuse pipelines:
  1. Download and import the pipeline into SnapLogic.
  2. Configure Snap accounts as applicable.
  3. Provide pipeline parameters as applicable.