Groundplex: Download Installation Files

  • Org admin (Environment admin) permissions
You need the Groundplex installation files only if you are installing on Linux or Windows. These installation files are already included in the Docker and Kubernetes images.
  1. Log into SnapLogic Manager.
  2. Go to the Snaplex list for your project.

    Snaplex list for the shared project

    1. On the left navigation panel, under Project Spaces, select the project where you want to create your Groundplex (or choose the global shared project).
    2. Click the Snaplexes tab.
  3. Click the add icon ( ).
  4. In the Create dialog, fill in the Settings tab. Then click Create.

    The Settings tab in the Create Snaplex dialog

    Field Description

    Specify a unique name for the Snaplex.

    The name must not exceed 100 characters.

    We recommend you use a descriptive, easily identifiable name for your Snaplex using alphabets followed by numbers.

    Default value: None.


    Specify the value to configure the Snaplex nodes.

    Default value: None.

    Example: Test-10k

    Important: You must stop the Snaplex nodes before updating the environment value. You cannot update the environment value if nodes are running in the Snaplex. Download the configuration file for each node and restart the nodes for the environment value to take effect.

    Select the location where the Snaplex must be created.

    Sidekick: Creates a SnapLogic Snaplex (Groundplex).

    Default value: Sidekick

    Select the version of the SnapLogic® on which you want the Snaplex to run.

    By default, all new Snaplexes are configured to work with the latest version of the SnapLogic®.

    Default value: None.

    Email addresses for notifications

    List the email addresses to notify if one of the Snaplex nodes does not respond for 15 minutes.

    Default value: N/A

    Example: [email protected]

    Load balancer

    Specify the URL for the load balancer for Triggered Task execution requests. The load balancer URL has to be fully qualified, including the protocol. The Load Balancer URLs in the Snaplex settings, are used for the Snaplex Trigger URL.

    Default value: None.


    Ultra Load Balancer

    Specify the URL of the FeedMaster load balancer for Ultra Pipeline execution requests. This property is available only to Environments that have subscribed to Ultra Pipeline Tasks.

    Default value: None.


    The Update Snaplex dialog opens at the Download tab.
  5. In the Downloads tab, download () or copy () both the package for your operating system and the configuration file. Then click Update.
    The Downloads tab in the Update Snaplex dialog