Enable Enhanced Encryption

Before enabling Enhanced Encryption in your environment, verify that all Snaplex nodes have the same datakeys files. Refer to how to generate the files and how to locate the files on Linux or on Windows machines.
To configure Enhanced Account Encryption for your SnapLogic Org:
  1. Log into your environment as an admin and navigate to Manager.
  2. From the navigation pane, select Settings.
  3. Scroll to Account Data Encryption and click Configure Encryption.
  4. On the Groundplex tab of Encryption Settings, select Enhanced encryption.
  5. Select the level of sensitivity:
    • High - Encrypts passwords and secret keys.
    • Medium and High - Encrypts usernames, passwords, and secret keys.
    • Low, Medium, and High - Encrypts host name, database names, database URL properties, usernames, passwords, and secret keys.
  6. To set a key for the entire Org, select the target public key. Only keys that are available on all nodes are displayed.
  7. Confirm the new key. This configuration causes all accounts to be decrypted using the existing keys and then re-encrypted with the newly selected Org-level key.
  8. Click Update to apply Enhanced Encryption. 
    The new status displays if you click Enhanced Encryption
When you add nodes to a Groundplex, the new nodes must have the same encryption key as the other nodes. If the new node does not have a matching key, it is ignored until you update the key files and restart the JCC. View the current configuration for all nodes in Manager > Settings > Configure Encryption.