Snap Packs

To keep the Snaps for supported endpoints up-to-date, SnapLogic frequently distributes new Snap Pack versions. Environment admins determine which Snap Pack versions are used to run pipelines. The Snap Pack version number increments with each new release. In addition to the version number, the SnapLogic Platform identifies recent distributions as either Stable or Latest:

  • Stable versions were tested and used successfully for multiple releases.
  • Latest versions contain the most recent fixes and functionality. We recommend using this setting in environments used only for development.

Learn more About Snap Packs.

In Admin Manager, you can set Stable or Latest as the default Snap Pack distribution for the Environment. You can also override the version for a specific Snap Pack.

The Snap Packs screen is available from the Subscriptions section of the left navigation panel. The table lists Snap Packs that your organization is subscribed to.

Admin Manager Snap Packs screen

Use the highlighted controls on the Snap Packs screen to:

  1. Select the Stable or Latest distribution as default.
  2. Search for a Snap Pack by name or type.
  3. Set the view to display New or Old:
    • Current Snaplex versions support the New distribution.
    • Deprecated Snaplexes support the Old distribution. Pipelines that have been in production for a long time might be running on old Snaplex versions.
  4. Select a version to override the environment setting of Stable or Latest. We recommend consulting Support before overriding the version.
  5. Navigate through the pages listing Snap Packs.
  6. Change the number of Snap Packs listed on each page.
Click a Snap Pack to view the Snaps it contains:
Snaps in a Snap Pack