Analyze and monitor


SnapLogic Monitor displays information about pipeline and task executions and for the infrastructure on which they run.

Monitor pages include:

  • Insights: An overview of environment activity which includes among other statistics, the number of users, active pipelines, and documents processed. The summary updates daily.
  • Execution overview: A table of running and completed pipelines with a summary count of their status.
  • Infrastructure: The System overview screen displays resource usage for Snaplexes and their nodes.
  • Metrics: Charts of key usage metrics for a Snaplex node over time.

The System overview and Metrics screens both provide information about infrastructure usage, resource consumption, and system health. The table below summarizes the differences between the two screens.

Attributes Metrics System overview
Scope Single Snaplex node All Snaplexes and their ndoes
Metrics reported Memory, CPU, and Disk utilization, system load, active threads, and network traffic Memory, CPU, and Disk utilization
Type of visualization Plotted Color-coded average and maximum usage