After subscribing to the Git Integration for GitLab, set up the integration between and a SnapLogic Org, follow these steps:

  1. Create a GitLab Group application.
  2. Configure your SnapLogic Org.

Create GitLab application

To enable GitLab to track SnapLogic assets, a GitLab administrator must create an application that configures connectivity:

  1. Log into GitLab.
  2. Navigate to your Group.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Applications.
  5. Click Add a new application.
  6. Enter a name.
  7. For Redirect URI, enter, {{Snaplogic_URI}}/api/1/rest/asset/app/oauthcallback. For example:
  8. Leave the Confidential box checked.
  9. For Scopes select the following:
    • api
    • read_api
    • read_user
    • write_repository
  10. Click Save application.
  11. Click the application to view it and copy the secret to use when configuring your SnapLogic Org.

Configure the SnapLogic Org settings

Finally, a SnapLogic Org admin must configure the Git Integration:

  1. Open the IIP Manager.
  2. From the left panel select Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Git Integration and click Configure Git.
  4. From the Git Integration Type dropdown list, select GitLab cloud. The configuration dialog opens:
    Configure GitLab

  5. Enter the following values, some are pre-populated:
    1. App ID: The Application ID from the GitLab application.
    2. Client Secret: Paste the Secret copied from the GitLab application.
    3. Gitlab URL:
    4. Authorized scopes: api read_api read_user write_repository
    5. Callback URL: The Redirect URI from the GitLab application,
  6. Click Save.

This completes Org setup. Each user in the Org must Authorize SnapLogic to connect to GitLab.