Tableau Snap Pack


Tableau Snap Pack offers seamless integration between various data sources and Tableau's analytics platform, data visualization on business intelligence. Enabling you to connect, transform, and visualize data for informed decision-making. This Snap Pack contains the following Snaps:
  • Hyper Formatter: Transforms data into Tableau hyper format.
  • Hyper Parser: Reads Tableau Hyper data and writes document data to the output.
  • Hyper Write: Creates .hyper file in local disk and publish it as is, without packaging it into a data source.
  • Tableau REST: Invokes Tableau's REST API.
  • Tableau Write [Deprecated]: Writes data files to Tableau server.
  • TDE Formatter [Deprecated]: Transform Data into Tableau TDE format.
Use Snaps in this Snap Pack to:
  • Write data files to Tableau.
  • Format, parse, and write Tableau extract (hyper) file and convert it into documents.
  • Invoke the Tableau REST API.
  • To use the Tableau Writer Snap, the tabcmd executable and Tableau TDE library files must be visible through the system PATH variable defined on each of the Windows-based Snaplex nodes on which Tableau Snaps may be executed. The paths to these files must be defined in the system PATH in DOS 8.3 notation. To guarantee that all necessary binaries are installed, we recommend a full installation of Tableau Server on each node. Standalone installations of tabcmd and the TDE library files may work, assuming that the above prerequisites are satisfied.
  • Tableau 10.24 and earlier versions uses only the Tableau Data Extract (.tde) format.
  • The Hyper API contains a set of functions you can use to automate interactions with Tableau extract (.hyper) files. You can use the Hyper API to:
    • Create new extract files.
    • Open existing files, and then insert, delete, and update.
    • Read data from those files.
    • Fetch data from an extract file.
Warning: If you are running SnapLogic as a Windows service, any modifications to the system PATH variable that impact resolution of the SnapLogic or Tableau will require a reinstallation of the service.

Supported Versions

This Snap Pack is currently tested against the following:

  • 10.2
  • All APIs supported by version 10.2 through to 10.25.

The following older versions are also supported:

  • 9.3
  • 10.1
  • 10.5
  • 10.25
  • All APIs supported by version 10.2 through to 10.25.

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